Texas Energy Mutual LLC is an independent oil and gas company headquartered in Grapevine, Texas. Founded by seasoned industry executives, Texas Energy Mutual LLC is dedicated to creating significant upside value through the disciplined acquisition, exploitation and additional development of oil and natural gas properties. We believe that our people and their combined years of experience give us an advantage in expertise and approach over many of our competitors.

With a history of acquisitions and transactions to increase value, while maintaining a conservative balance sheet, Texas Energy Mutual LLC plans to continue its growth through increasing market share, completing acquisitions, and expanding its interests in the natural energy resources field.

Texas Energy Mutual LLC came about as the result of new opportunities available in energy exploration. The price of oil has risen considerably in the past decade and will continue to rise. Formerly unprofitable energy opportunities are now potentially very lucrative. The goal at Texas Energy Mutual LLC is to exploit those opportunities and to gain profits.

Texas Energy Mutual LLC is making a difference today for a different tomorrow. We are a goal-oriented and ecological-minded company with a primary focus on properties in areas that meet our particular and stringent criteria, while providing a significant upside without unintended environmental impact.

Texas Energy Mutual, LLC BBB Business Review

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